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black hanging Aura fog cannon
reflection of a black hanging Aura fog cannon
shadow of a black hanging Aura fog cannon

Eos fog cannon
The definitive anti-theft device

Security is your right. That's why we have designed our anti-theft devices to be the safest. We protect what matters most with fog and hide it from the eyes of thieves, thwarting every theft. Try it for yourself.

Case of an unassembled Aura fog cannon
Nozzle of an unassembled Aura fog cannon
Case of an unassembled Aura fog cannon
Board of an unassembled Aura fog cannon
Bag of an unassembled Aura fog cannon
Frame of an unassembled Aura fog cannon
Boiler of an unassembled Aura fog cannon
Frame of an unassembled Aura fog cannon
Case of an unassembled Aura fog cannon
Shadow of an unassembled Aura fog cannon


The most advanced Fog cannon is also the most beautiful.

We have condensed the best technology in the EOS series. Each component has been miniaturized without compromising any performance and design terms. Thanks to Vortex technology, today EOS is even more powerful and with the latest generation electronic board it can even be activated without an alarm panel.

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Fog operation

If the fog blocks an airport, it can also stop thieves.

Since thieves routinely steal in the presence of alarm systems, we started to rethink how an effective anti-theft system should work. Thus the first proactive anti-theft device was designed. It physically acts against the intruder by depriving him of the most essential sense: sight. Within seconds, EOS saturates the environment with opaque, impenetrable fog, forcing thieves to flee.

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See actual avoided thefts

Inline content

Can be installed in any position.

On vertical walls

Mounted on the ceiling

On horizontal walls


Environments of all sizes.

Small sizes

Medium sizes

Large sizes

All about versatility


EOS will be the right one to choose you.

Every environment to be protected has its features. We designed EOS so that the system can be adapted to any situation, from a small home environment to a huge storage warehouse. Each model has the same technological core; the features differ only in size and power.

Eos 80

80 m² in 35 seconds

Dimensions (cm.)
21,2 x 45,6 x 8,6

Eos 150

150 m² in 40 seconds

Dimensions (cm.)
27,2 x 51,6 x 8,6

Eos 200

200 m² in 60 seconds

Dimensions (cm.)
27,2 x 51,6 x 8,6

Eos 250

250 m² in 75 seconds

Dimensions (cm.)
27,2 x 51,6 x 8,6

Eos 400

400 m² in 105 seconds

Dimensions (cm.)
32,35 x 56,75 x 12,8

Design and

We aimed for an elegant, essential and also attractive form. We wanted to create an object for you that was harmonious enough to put in the living room without having to hide it.
And we obtained the thinnest fog cannon in the worldwide.




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Aura is green.
No residue in the environment.

At Aura Sicurezza, our engineers have a motto: "Check everything. And then check everything again". We have the strictest quality standards in the industry: our fog is created with a liquid composed of harmless food-grade glycol. The transformation takes place with the use of pump technology that vapourizes the liquid without requiring pressure.

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Authoritative Certifications:
it is important for us to have your trust

We chose not to auto-certify ourselves, but rely on trust worthy bodies. They certify that our fog leaves no residue in the environment and is totally harmless to people, animals, things, or foods. About half an hour after the thief has escaped, it dissolves on its own.

IMQ Certification PDF
Food Contact Certification PDF
IPC Certification
ICIM Certification
Dekra Certification
Certiquality Certification
DNV Certification
Vortex Patent


Increase performance

Get even more from your EOS system. Blind thieves with a strobe light, personalize the case as you like or hide the fog cannon behind a wall with the special extension.

Various types of nozzles for Aura fog cannons

Various nozzles

Personalized case for Aura fog cannons


Strobe light for Aura fog cannons


Extension for Aura fog cannons


In only 8 seconds
your environment
becomes inaccessible.

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