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Black Aura fog cannon at twilight
Black Aura fog cannon at twilight


Chase thieves away. With style.

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EOS Series

Learn about Aura fog cannons

EOS is the ultimate synthesis of aesthetics and effectiveness.
It shifts the paradigms of the security system concept, projecting it into the future. It's the definitive anti-theft device.

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black Aura fog cannon at twilight black Aura fog cannon at twilight

How does it work?

Fog cannon technology

Imagine being a thief: try to steal without being able to see. The EOS fog cannon does something extremely complicated, by making it simple: it always foil every theft.

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Thief enveloped in Aura's security fog Thief enveloped in Aura's security fog


We love details
as much as you do

Versatile aesthetics, suitable for any environment. Reduced size, unique in the security fog sector. Customizable or invisible case. Aura design is immediately recognizable.

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Aura fog cannon with a cement-like case white Aura fog cannon mounted on the wall in a furnished room Aura fog cannon with a cement-like case white Aura fog cannon mounted on the wall in a furnished room

Find an installer
and try the Aura fog cannon now

At Aura Sicurezza, we only have one goal: foiling every attempt at theft.

Even if they are easy to install, our wireless anti-theft devices require the preparation of our highly specialized personnel, who will best know how to to effectively configure Aura systems in your environment, whatever type it may be: from a small apartment to large industry, we have the perfect Aura solution for you. Aura Specialists are experienced alarm installers, have brilliantly passed our training courses and are fully prepared to become your security advisers.
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What is said about us

For us, every thwarted theft is a great victory, so our goals are simple: build the best fog cannons in the world to always satisfy our customers.


"With Aura we feel safe now"

“We spent a fortune installing six surveillance cameras in our garden: they stole from us regardless. The fog cannon has unbeatable prices and solves the problem.”

Antonio R. - Owner




"The nightmare is finally over thanks to Aura's fog cannon"

“My bar has been attacked six times in the last year. A friend told me about the Aura security system: it was the salvation of my business.”

Alessandro M. - Owner




"The fog cannon for large environments"

“I manage three stores of an important clothing brand. Every theft cost us money and days closing. Aura now perfectly protects our 1200m² shop.”

Kevin D. - Store Manager




"Fog cannon against theft? Brilliant!"

“My store was stolen into twice during the holidays, and I was looking for a solution: I was skeptical of the fog cannon before, but I have found that it is clean, accessible and decisive.”

Pietro G. - Owner



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